Wasteland 2023 - Saints Quarter pt. 1

Wasteland 2023 - Saints Quarter pt. 1

Hey there, Wastelanders!
It's been a little over a week since our last update, and we thought it time to let you know what we've been getting up to since then!
Well, actually, let's go back a few months and show you what we've been working on this year.

Several months ago, we decided we wanted to go big. As big as we could, max everything out. Surely, you've heard of minimalism, but we'd like to offer up a term we've been using to describe our inspiration for this year's build: maximalism.

We knew we wanted a shop where Wastelanders could barter for things they want and need, we knew we wanted a bar to sate the thirst of any who wander in, and of course, we not only wanted but NEEDED to bring the stage!

But then we let ourselves have a little fun and imagine what we'd do if we could do anything we wanted.

So, someone suggested a photo booth. Another said we should have a swamp. Then a spooky room to be used for tarot readings.

The photo booth would be beautiful and painted in rich, dark colors, decorated with ornate set pieces and backdrops to guarantee the subjects got the exact photo they wanted.

Our swamp would be packed to the brim with movement and sound. It should transport you somewhere far outside of the Mojave desert, making you question if you had actually woken up that morning or if you were still dreaming.

We want the Shop to be a little gem, a little diamond in the rough, full of quirks and easter eggs waiting to be found, and of course, stocked with everything you forgot at home for barter and trade. And things you didn't know you needed but now you must have.

The bar should invoke the same feelings it did before, but with a fresh coat of paint that we'd weather the hell out of and make sure looks like nothing you've ever seen in the Wastes before now.

All the colors for these projects have been carefully picked out but none more so than those for the bar. We can't wait to show you!

Finally, the newest addition to the Quarter and our (for now) last building for this year is the tarot reading room.

We knew we wanted it to capture the spooky vibe we've cultivated over the years. We wanted it to look completely different from the other buildings. And it does. This room will be decorated with lights and the desert outside in mind. We wanted to see if we could create a space where the atmosphere was so intense it spilled out into the rest of the world. We think we've done just that, and we'll let you come see for yourself if we hit the mark.

These are the concepts and ideas for all these excellent additions to the Saints Quarter. They still need to be finished, but the pictures attached to this post will show you what we've got so far! Every building is either constructed or very nearly, and most of the painting is done, too!

But the true magic will happen on-site with decorations, lights, and additional art. For now, take a look at what we've been up to!

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