Saints 2023 Summer Merch Drop!

Saints 2023 Summer Merch Drop!

And here it is!

Well, some of it! We've been hard at work, building content, building...buildings, brushing up on performances, and we've got tons of stuff on the way! But today, today we bring you our 2023 Shrine design.

First of all, a HUGE thanks to our friend, our Hog-sister Elli Maskiell (IG @Inkedsherbert) for the incredible design. We came to her with a few ideas, not sure where we wanted to go with it and she knocked it out of the park. When she sent in idea, we were losing our minds. 

Next, a big shout out to everyone who helped shoot it! Dangrrr, our resident photo badass came in (IG @dangrrrously_photos) and got some include shots on short notice. 

As most folks know, we do this thang because we love to gift and inspire artists to make with us, and bring that little spooky light of inspiration to the wastes and beyond. Hospitality is our greatest weapon, and we're excited as ever to share with you!

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Saints 2023 Shrine Merch!